I have lost the count of how many times I heard a newcomer for the Game Texas Holdem told me “How can you tell Poker Online?” Many believe success is because of the card because you can’t see you opponent on the other side of the table. Such an attitude, combined with play speed (online poker is much faster than soil based poker games) making it a more profitable place for those who have taken the time to study the signal.

Here are the top 10 poker I say that you need to take:

1) Weak strong – the most common of all poker tells and what you will hear many times before. If you have a hand, you bet and your opponents just contact you then you might be in trouble. Calling large bets is more common an indication of an over-card or hidden set card.

2) Time – many can be read to time. I will actually be more accurate in naming this saying “fake time” to give impression of thought, or doubt. In the most common form you find this poker gathered with the first point. Players who are waiting for a period, often enter their online time bank to send the impression needed before calling. This action almost never shows doubts – your opponents you have defeated, you haven’t realized it.

3) Players who use instant call keys – you often see this in online poker games and, more often than not, it shows players who don’t have a hand but who want to catch a card. They can’t wait to continue to the next hand circuit. Raise it and witness them fold.

4) Often aggressive pre-flop bets – usually this shows quality players who recognize that aggression is a way to go. The exception is a player who acts this way at the beginning of a large Texas Holdem Texas tournament where this indicates players who do not have a 5-6 hour requirement needed to make it up to the end of the game. If you are lucky to receive a large initial card, remove them from their misery early. Return to the player who rises back with a decent amount in each hand.

Chances are you need to get ready to go all with any hand you choose to call flops (at a certain cost) and the top pair will be my recommendation to continue. The biggest and general mistakes made by people towards these players are calling bets while trying to capture the card. You will pay dearly for that additional card. Don’t be intimidated by this playing style (it’s unusual), just wait for a big initial hand and slow it down to maximize value.

5) Multi-tadling players – You cannot do this in land-based cardrooms, but are more common than you expect online. If you play for any duration in the asiaqq  same poker space you will see the time of player time and again and realize that they are playing up to six Texas holdem tables at once. Amateur poker players are not multi-tables so you need to avoid this player at all costs. They often operate with a name that is difficult to remember like “Cra5313T”

6) Players who use “table position.” The position of the table is arguably the most important concept in Texas Holdem Poker. Very surprising to me that most people play today don’t know a little or no at all. But it won’t be long to see bets based on the table position only (2 or more bets from the late position usually become everything you need to confirm it). This tells you that the player who moves is a poker player who is exciting and must be treated like that.