Vivo introduced the new Vivo Phone in India a few weeks ago in order to introduce a completely new way to taking pictures with your cell phone. The new hands-free feature called OoS (or “Optic Wireless Communication”) aims to replace the need for the use of cell phones microphones and cameras. It is not quite clear how much the device can be priced at or what it will look like but the company has already confirmed that it is something that would be worth every penny. The OoS feature in the Vivo Phone has the ability to read text messages off the phone and record the same without having to hold the handset. The picture quality of the device is also impressive.

When I used the Vivo V15 during my free time vivo v15 in an early morning, it did not disappoint with its photography abilities. With a resolution of 13 megapixels, the camera has enough power to capture a number of pictures in good light without any difficulty. The OoS feature also allows the smartphone to filter the pictures taken in low light mode. This is something that most smartphone users are going to appreciate when they are using the smartphone in low light situations.

There are two different cameras in the OoS from the vivo v15. One of them has optical zoom and uses the ISP (image processing chip) to reduce the distortion created by the digital camera lens. It is capable of taking a number of pictures in a low light condition. The second one has a laser zoom that is capable of taking a lot of photos with a relatively better clarity. The main camera has an auto focus and although it might not be able to adjust the focus while the OoS has an auto focus system which makes it easier for individuals to get the desired focus. The Nokia 8.1 on review has excellent pictures in both low light as well as daylight conditions.

Another useful feature of the vivo v15 is the portrait mode. With this particular feature, you can take multiple pictures at different focal length and compose them in the portrait mode to remove the background. When you switch to portrait mode, you get to see a preview of your photo. You can add text or simply remove the background. The Nokia 8.1 has an easy access to this portrait mode button located on the upper right corner of the screen.

The vivo v15 comes with a dual screen system which is capable of showing a landscape in landscape orientation and the usual view of an individual with a business suit. The dual screen helps the user to make faster decisions and react to the sudden change in the displayed image. In the event that you want to check out another photograph, you can just click on the previous one and then again on the new one. The reason why the vivo v15 has dual screens is to make it more useful for individuals. When the display of the smartphone is larger than six.5-inch, it becomes difficult to scroll or use other functions of the smartphone.

Low light recording ability is one of the unique features of the vivo v15. This means that you can take several selfies even in dimly lit environments such as alleyways or under the sun. Even if you are taking a photograph of someone who is in low light, you can adjust the exposure time according to your requirements. The above mentioned highlights some of the exciting features of the Nokia 8.1 which are unique to this handset. If you are looking to buy a smartphone that can offer the best of modern technologies combined with the convenience of an average mobile device, you should definitely consider the Nokia 8.1.